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When it comes to choosing which show to see and how to get Las Vegas tickets, the process might be harder than you think. Whether you are looking for a show for tonight or planning out your future trip, there is amazing entertainment for everyone, and we’ve got it all.

october, 2021

26oct3:00 pmMac KingExcalibur Hotel

26oct8:00 pmCarrot TopLuxor Hotel

26oct8:00 pmBrad Garrett's Comedy ClubMGM Grand Hotel

26oct10:30 pmFantasyLuxor Hotel

27oct3:00 pmMac KingExcalibur Hotel

27oct5:00 pmBlue Man GroupLuxor Hotel

27oct6:00 pmTournament of KingsExcalibur Hotel

27oct7:00 pmThunder From Down UnderExcalibur Hotel

27oct7:00 pmThe Beatles LoveMirage Hotel

27oct7:00 pmCirque du Soleil: "O"Bellagio Hotel

27oct7:00 pmThe Australian Bee GeesExcalibur Hotel

27oct7:00 pmJabbawockeezMGM Grand Hotel

27oct8:00 pmCarrot TopLuxor Hotel

27oct8:00 pmBrad Garrett's Comedy ClubMGM Grand Hotel

27oct10:30 pmFantasyLuxor Hotel

28oct3:00 pmMac KingExcalibur Hotel

28oct5:00 pmBlue Man GroupLuxor Hotel

28oct6:00 pmTournament of KingsExcalibur Hotel

28oct6:00 pmAll MotownAlexis Park Resort

28oct7:00 pmThunder From Down UnderExcalibur Hotel

28oct7:00 pmThe Beatles LoveMirage Hotel

28oct7:00 pmCirque du Soleil: "O"Bellagio Hotel

28oct7:00 pmThe Australian Bee GeesExcalibur Hotel

28oct7:00 pmJabbawockeezMGM Grand Hotel

28oct8:00 pmCarrot TopLuxor Hotel

28oct8:00 pmBrad Garrett's Comedy ClubMGM Grand Hotel

28oct9:30 pmBurlesQAlexis Park Resort

28oct10:30 pmFantasyLuxor Hotel

29oct3:00 pmMac KingExcalibur Hotel

29oct3:30 pmDouble FeatureAlexis Park Resort

29oct5:00 pmBlue Man GroupLuxor Hotel

29oct6:00 pmTournament of KingsExcalibur Hotel

29oct6:00 pmAll MotownAlexis Park Resort

29oct7:00 pmThunder From Down UnderExcalibur Hotel

29oct7:00 pmMichael Jackson OneMandalay Bay Hotel

29oct7:00 pmThe Beatles LoveMirage Hotel

29oct7:00 pmCirque du Soleil: "O"Bellagio Hotel

29oct7:00 pmThe Australian Bee GeesExcalibur Hotel

29oct7:00 pmJabbawockeezMGM Grand Hotel

29oct7:00 pmDavid CopperfieldMGM Grand Hotel

29oct7:30 pmShin LimMirage Hotel

29oct8:00 pmCarrot TopLuxor Hotel

29oct8:00 pmBrad Garrett's Comedy ClubMGM Grand Hotel

29oct8:00 pmRock CandyAlexis Park Resort

29oct9:30 pmBurlesQAlexis Park Resort

29oct10:00 pmRon WhiteMirage Hotel

29oct10:30 pmFantasyLuxor Hotel

29oct11:00 pmLate Night MagicAlexis Park Resort

30oct3:00 pmMac KingExcalibur Hotel

30oct3:30 pmDouble FeatureAlexis Park Resort

30oct5:00 pmBlue Man GroupLuxor Hotel

30oct6:00 pmTournament of KingsExcalibur Hotel

30oct6:00 pmAll MotownAlexis Park Resort

30oct7:00 pmThunder From Down UnderExcalibur Hotel

30oct7:00 pmMichael Jackson OneMandalay Bay Hotel

30oct7:00 pmThe Beatles LoveMirage Hotel

30oct7:00 pmCirque du Soleil: "O"Bellagio Hotel

30oct7:00 pmThe Australian Bee GeesExcalibur Hotel

30oct7:00 pmJabbawockeezMGM Grand Hotel

30oct7:00 pmDavid CopperfieldMGM Grand Hotel

30oct7:30 pmShin LimMirage Hotel

30oct8:00 pmCarrot TopLuxor Hotel

30oct8:00 pmBrad Garrett's Comedy ClubMGM Grand Hotel

30oct8:00 pmRock CandyAlexis Park Resort

30oct9:30 pmBurlesQAlexis Park Resort

30oct10:00 pmRon WhiteMirage Hotel

30oct10:30 pmFantasyLuxor Hotel

30oct11:00 pmLate Night MagicAlexis Park Resort

31oct3:30 pmDouble FeatureAlexis Park Resort

31oct5:00 pmBlue Man GroupLuxor Hotel

31oct6:00 pmTournament of KingsExcalibur Hotel

31oct6:00 pmAll MotownAlexis Park Resort

31oct7:00 pmMichael Jackson OneMandalay Bay Hotel

31oct7:00 pmCirque du Soleil: "O"Bellagio Hotel

31oct7:00 pmThe Australian Bee GeesExcalibur Hotel

31oct7:00 pmJabbawockeezMGM Grand Hotel

31oct7:30 pmShin LimMirage Hotel

31oct8:00 pmBrad Garrett's Comedy ClubMGM Grand Hotel

31oct9:30 pmBurlesQAlexis Park Resort

31oct10:30 pmFantasyLuxor Hotel

What Are The Best Shows In Las Vegas?

This is probably the toughest question of them all. Going with a Cirque du Soleil show is never a wrong answer. Other popular and top-selling options include Blue Man Group, David Copperfield, and Absinthe. No matter what type of show you are in the mood for we have tickets. Get more details from our Best Shows In Las Vegas.  

How Much Do Show Tickets Cost?

The price for show tickets in Las Vegas vary depending on the show, date, and seat locations. They can be as low as $20 and as high as $200. The easiest way to find pricing is to use our website. Simply select a show, the date you are interested in, and browse the pricing for each seating option.

How Do I Get Cheap Or Discounted Show Tickets?

This is a common question and one of the reasons we built Spotlight.Vegas. We make sure to offer the lowest prices possible for every show ticket and keep the fees to a minimum.

Do I Need To Buy Show Tickets In Advance?

It is always highly recommended that you purchase Vegas show tickets in advance. Doing so ensures the best pricing and guarantees seat selection. It is not uncommon for shows to sell out, and the last thing you want is to wait and miss out.

What Is The Dress Code For Vegas Shows?

The great news about Las Vegas shows is that there is no official dress code. Our advice is to always wear what is most comfortable for you. As long as you are wearing shoes and a shirt you’ll be good to go. From our experience we’ve always found at shows there are people more dressed up and more relaxed than we are.

What Shows Are Best For Kids?

When it comes to children in Las Vegas there are some fantastic shows including Tournament of Kings, Mystere, and Blue Man Group. Check out our list of Kid Friendly Shows.

What Time Should I Arrive?

We always suggest you leave early when heading to see your show in Las Vegas. You want to make sure to allow yourself plenty of time to navigate through The Strip, get parking, walk through the casino, and maybe grab a drink. It’s always better to leave earlier than you think.

Do I Need A Jacket?

Some of the theaters can be a little chilly, even in the summer months. If you are someone who tends to get cold easily we suggest bringing a jacket along.

Do I Need My ID?

We always suggest bringing your ID everywhere you go in Las Vegas. It is always required to order drinks of course, but is also required to pick up show tickets from will call.

Are Show Tickets Refundable?

We understand that sometimes travel plans change. Unfortunately when it comes to cancellations or show ticket changes the policies set forth by the showrooms render them as non-refundable and non-changeable. 

Can You Bring Drinks?

Yes. You can bring drinks when you arrive at the show theater entrances. It must be in, or transferred to, a plastic container.

About Las Vegas Shows

We aren’t called the Entertainment Capital of the World for nothing. We’ve organized all of the show options and provide the information, pricing, and easy booking processes to ensure you have the best experience.

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